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ASOF09: A State of Flux presents ETANT DONNES poster

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The event occurred March 3, 1989.

Poster edition of 500. Posters handed out at the show to the first 100 to arrive. All the rest were put up. The poster promoted the event of Etant Donnes coming to the US. Their east coast dates included performances with Due Process and Sleep Chamber.

Due Process' performance featured the usual lineup, except the band performed from a table in the center of the audience, rather than on stage, and Dennis wandered through the crowd speakign his poetry over the noises from the table. Rrron's three-armed turntable was in full gear.

Sleep Chamber, in their usual approach, promoted the show as though they were the headliner, and the space was filled with Sleep Chamber groupies. The band's the guitarist asked for a round of applause for "EE-tant Donnez". *ugh*. The show was entertaining nonetheless, with some film images sparking all kinds of scandal in the audience...

Etant Donnes (that's ay-TAH doh-NAY thankyouverymuch) were brilliant, appearing on stage naked, gorgeous and godlike, painted head to toe in silver pewter body-paint, each wearing a crown of thorns. Against a backdrop of a white cross and to a tense, whispering, throbbing soundtrack which they created specifically for this performance, they attacked each other and wrestled under spot-lights for a half hour. Fucking Brilliant.

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