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ASOF07: The Gossamer Years - The Dynamics of Static

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Originally released febraury 1985.
Reissued February 1990.
Remastered for Download April 2007


1. Epicycle: Mobius Movement
2. The Biology of Power
3. Gorge
4. False Positive
5. Rangehouse: 1
6. L O C K O U T (Deadbolt Mix)
7. Tone Def Jam
8. Epicycle: Gossamer Movement

The Gossamer Years were a mysterious collective of individuals living in Providence during the 1980s. One core member conceived of the recordings and either implemented them himself or recruited any of a dozen of the city's creative genius composite to contribute. None of the recordings of The Gossamer Years are studio recordings, as such, though many may have been implemented in a studio environment. All recordings were intentionally performed live and were open to the public - for both observation and participation - in various venues.

The Gossamer Years staged traditional performances as well as stealth performances. During the 1990 visit of Zoviet France, TGY created entrance "music" to expose unsuspecting listeners bold enough to wander into a waiting area prior to the performance. Beginning as subtle scrapes, gradually increasing in volume, it soon drowned out all conversation in the crowded room driving people to leave - only to find they were locked into the room for the duration. Sounds of the audience were captured on microphones hidden around the room, and the piece ws later remixed to include their sounds as well.

The music presented on this original cassette format represents a sampling of music ranging from 1983 through 1985. Tracks one through four originally comprised Side 1, The Mobius Movement, and the remainder, Side 2, The Gossamer Movement.

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